Reed Switches

The Reed Switch, also known as Reed Contact or Magnetic Contact, is the ideal component for non-touch switching.

It is most economic, handling loads from zero load up to 250 W in a wide range of applications.

How does a Reed Switch work?

A Reed Switch consists of a pair of ferromagnetic reeds, hermetically sealed in a glass tube. Their free ends overlap

at a very small distance.


Different forms of Reed Switches

Form A

Normally open, Reed Switch will close contact in presence of a magnet.

Form B

Normally closed. Either achieved by using a Form C switch with the NO wire cut off or by using an attached magnet (requires pole oriented actuation).

Form C

Change over, Reed Switch will change from NC to NO contact in presence of a magnet.

Form E

Latching type. Switching status remains stable after a magnetic field disappears until a magnet with opposite polarity approaches.

Reed Switch advantages

  • No power supply required
  • Contacts hermetically sealed
  • Most economic non-touch switching solution
  • Not ESD sensitive
  • Various methods of actuation possible
  • Magnetic and electrical pole independent
  • Non-touch actuation permits smooth surfaces and
  • modern design
  • Various sensitivity ranges available
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