Mains voltage Reed Switch PMC-2021Power Switches


20 mm glas length
Form A - Normally Open
50 Watt - Mains Voltage

  • Form A Switch (Normally Open)
  • Ideally suited for industrial applications
  • Customized sensitivity ranges and modifications upon request
Contact FormA
Contact RatingW/VA50
Switching CurrentA1.5
Switching Voltage DCVDC200
Switching Voltage ACVAC250
Pull In Range AvailableAW25 - 40
Operating Temperature°C-60 to +125
Approval:UL/CSA / RoHS / REACH
Typical application: Non Touch Switching, Position Control
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Interaktiver Reedschalter

Interactive Reed Switch

Simulate the different methods of actuating a Reed Switch with our interactive tool and learn about the switching characteristics. 

You will get a detailed explanation about the different features by clicking the "Help" button.


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