PPH-Level Sensors

PPH-Level Sensors are installed horizontally. Their special design allows assembly from outside, in a closed tank. The special seal safely seals the required drill hole.

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Comparison table

Total Length Nom.mm92.092.0
Contact FormAA
Contact RatingW/VA1050
Switching CurrentA11.5
Switching Voltage DCVDC200200
Switching Voltage ACVAC140250
Operating Temperature°C-20 to +65-20 to +65
Housing MaterialPPPP
Cable TypeUL 1007, AWG 22UL 1007, AWG 22

Advantages of PLS-PPH-Level Sensors

  • Polypropylene-Housing
  • Mains Voltage and Normally Closed (Form B) versions
  • Mounted from outside of the tank
  • Usable as Form A (Normally Open) and Form B (Normally Closed)
  • Customized variants available