Flange Mount Hall Sensors

Flange-mounted Hall Sensors are assembled safely and quickly by using two screws. Due to the ultra-flat housing with an overall height of only 3 mm, they are particularly suitable where minimum switching distances or limited space is required.

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Comparison table

Total Length Nom.mm11.
Bon/BoffmT0.5 / -0.52.5 / -2.55.5 / 3.512.0 / -12.06.0 / 4.0
Supply CurrentmA2.42.42.452
Supply VoltageV2.7 to 242.7 to 242.7 to 243.0 to 243.0 to 24
Operating Temperature°C-20 to +85-20 to +85-20 to +85-20 to +85-20 to +85
Housing MaterialPA6PA6PA6PA6PA6
Cable TypeUL1007/1569, AWG 24UL1007/1569, AWG 24UL1007/1569, AWG 24UL1007/1569, AWG 24UL1007/1569, AWG 24

Flange Mount Hall Sensor advantages

  • Ultra-compact housing
  • Flattest sensor design
  • Two- and three-wire versions
  • Various magnetic sensitivities