Reed Chains

Reed Chains allow simple and effective continuous measuring of liquid levels.

Reed Switches and resistors are mounted onto a PCB. This PCB, now called Reed Chain, is inserted into a long stem and a matching Float is moving up and down the stem, according to the liquid level. With the Magnet inside the float switching the Reed Switches on and off the total resistance changes. This change in resistance gives easy, seamless and continuous level information.

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Comparison table

Total Length Nom.mm264.2257.8266.8500.0260.4271.2265.0
Contact FormAAAAAAA
Contact RatingW/VA10101010101010
Switching CurrentA0.
Switching Voltage DCVDC150150180180180200200
Switching Voltage ACVAC120120130130130140140

Reed Chain usage advantages

  • Reliable level signal
  • Individual level scaling possible
  • Customer-specific and very cost-effective solution for liquid level control using Reed technology