Press-fit Reed Sensors

Press-fit Reed Sensors are pressed in through a predefined opening and clamp themselves in the end position. Frontal actuation enables seamless integration between Reed Sensor, Magnet and frame or surface - almost invisible!


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Comparison table

Total Length Nom.mm31.031.031.0
Contact FormACB
Contact RatingW/VA1035
Switching CurrentA10.20.2
Switching Voltage DCVDC2003030
Switching Voltage ACVAC1403030
Pull In Range AvailableAW10 - 2510 - 3010 - 30
Operating Temperature°C-20 to +85-20 to +85-20 to +85
Housing MaterialPA-GFPA-GFPA-GF
Cable TypeUL 1569, AWG 24UL 1569, AWG 24UL 1569, AWG 24

Press-fit Reed Sensor advantages

  • Easy press-in assembly and replacement without tools and screws
  • Magnetic pole independent actuation
  • Virtually invisible installation
  • N/O contact (Form A), N/C contact (Form B) and changeover contact (Form C) available
  • Customized versions available